Thursday, 11 September 2008

Going Back

I absolutely hated secondary school. seriously. But I would love to go back just so I could meddle with my uniform.

My uniform was bad... real bad. I had this ugly shapeless blazer, and the arms on mine were too long and the bust area was too small. We did have quite a bit of freedom when it came to the shoes and skirt as long as the skirt was not too short, and the shoes weren't a pair of heels, but your tie had to be done so that the school logo was on show which meant a really ugy long tie. However, every now and then we would roughen it up a bit so it kind of looke like this...
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on the girl on the far right (but shorter).

oh and the tights I used to wear! I'm surprised they allowed me into school. I had these diamond criss cross tights, and fishnet-esque tights that had flower and snake looking patterns all over it :S

If I could go back I'd definately look like less of a South London road 'gyal' (even though I didn't look as bad as most girls-my mum would not allow it) and look more 'Upper Southside'.



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