Thursday, 12 February 2009

Barbie Loves Fashion Week

So New York Fashion week begins today, which fills me with slight excitement. I always look forward more to Paris and Milan fashion weeks rather than London and New York just because the designer's that appeal to me show there, and the state of London FW is an absolute joke. With all our greats (Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood etc...) showing abroad London now seen as some sort of stepping stone. Heck, even not-so-new comer Gareth Pugh phucked off to Paris to unveil his s/s 09 collection in September. I can't really blame them because the funding just isn't there, but it's frustrating-as an aspiring fashion designer to see that happen. I wish God would lasso their behinds back to London.

Ooh I drifted from the point of this post, but I'm actually looking forward to NYFW purely because its Barbie's 50th birthday and a number of designers will be unveiling their Barbie inspired collections. Like I posted before, Jeremy Scott will be one of those designers doing so, as well as Vera Wang, and I cannot wait to see what his crazy behind has come up with.

As much as I try to pretend as if I hate Barbie, deep down I really love the bitch. Like 90% of other designers(don't take that statistic seriously, I pulled that one out of the air), I started designing and making clothes for her, but I always forgot to include fastenings so I could either never get them on her, or if I sewed her into it, I couldn't take them off. It also seems like the Barbie effect has sunk into my subconscious, because I'm using Barbie as my inspiration for my collection for the two fashion shows I have coming up this spring summer and I have recently developed obsession with pink make-up.

I shall be avoiding eyeshadow because I seem to never be able apply it right, which I'm sure is down to my languorous eyes (sleepy,hooded eyes to you and me but languorous sounds more sexy).

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