Friday, 20 March 2009

You Miss A Day, You Miss A Lot

...And I definately missed a lot. I'm a free woman now, and I don't know what to do with myself. I would have done a celebratory post on Tuesday when I handed it all in but of course, I caught a cold and was curled up in bed whilst my body fought back. I'm better now even though I've still got a blocked nose and sound like an idiot, but it's alright.

I've been at home playing Sim2 whilst firguring out what I'm gonna do with my life over the next 4 weeks and when I graduate. I seriously need to start my own business because I can't deal with dreading going into work 2/3 times a week (imagine what I'll be like when I actually get a proper job?). I guess that's something to think about and work on next week.

Now I said I've been playing Sims2, which reminded of just how excited I am about Sims3. It's realeased 2nd June this year and call me a geek or whatever, but I can't bloody wait. Apart from gta(which I still don't own), this is the only game I've been excited about.

I saw her on the website and thought that she looked like she'd be called Shaniqua Shonda in real life.



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