Sunday, 14 June 2009


I didn't know what to call this post so I've named it "untitled"-and it's gonna be a short one.
I've had a crazy two weeks and I promise I will post again. I have got quite a few post lined up (and by "lined up" I mean floating around in my head) but after tomorrow, I will be a free lady and I will start posting. To be honest, I had plenty of time to do something today but it was HOT outside-and it's normally rainy in London so I thought I better make the most of it seeing as all the other heatwaves passed me when I was stuck indoors doing work.

I finished my collaborative project where I received really good marks so I'm super stoked. I made a pair of high waisted shorts and a corset (it's not as basic as it sounds but I really can't be bothered to explain it). On Tuesday I went to see Beyonce!! Oh my days I think I love that woman. If I'm honest, I was put off going after seeing pictures and videos of the tour on the net because the costume's didn't look that great in them, but in real life-oh my! Now I know why she wears clothing that sparkles-you really couldn't miss her. And she put on such a show! I'm actually a shy and reserved person, but I was skanking like nobody's business-I would have taken it to the aisle but apparently it's a fire hazard to obstruct the fire exit (boooo).
Oh,and guess what.... I passed my driving test! I am no longer a learner, all I've got to do now is sweeten up mum and dad and persuade them to buy me a car.

I'm gonna go to bed now because I hand in my last piece of work tomorrow-so bear with me, and good night (or good morning/afternoon depending on your location).



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