Saturday, 25 December 2010

Strut Visage: MAC Cham Pale

Make up heads, MAC have a new nude collection- Cham Pale, coming soon (Dec 26th for North America, January 2011 for the rest of us International folk).

Although I work myself up into an overexcited frenzy over MAC collections, I tend not to purchase anything from them as I shy away from bold colours, and stick to the more tame palettes. So this new ‘Cham Pale’ collection is definitely one I intend on purchasing from.

On my ‘to purchase’ list are:

(The lipsticks are at the top of my list as I’ve been struggling to find nude lipsticks that don’t make me look like I have vertiligo for the past two seasons.)

• Lipstick-Tanarama Soft pale golden beige with gold metallic shimmer & Quiet, Please Sheer frosty pale beige
• Lip gelees-Straight to the Head Sparkly brown bronze & Bubble Lounge Sparkly pink peach
• Rose Ole Soft pink with gold shimmer

Visit image source to view the complete collection and product details.

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