Wednesday, 14 May 2008

M.I.A Clothing Line?

According to WWD, rapper M.I.A will be releasing a clothing line

quote: SHOOTING STARS: Ads featuring M.I.A. — aka Maya Arulpragasam — shot by Juergen Teller's point-and-shoot for the Marc by Marc Jacobs' spring 2008 campaign, might have been unveiled several months ago, but the experience still feels a little surreal for the petite Sri Lankan rapper. "The whole time I was doing that campaign I was like, 'Does Marc Jacobs know who I am?,'" Arulpragasam told WWD at last weekend's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. "He didn't let me into his parties and stuff six months before." As to whether she had any reservations about being snapped in lensman Teller's typically indiscreet — and uncensored — style, she joked: "When I first found out [about Teller], I was like, 'It's just like my mum taking pictures — they're going to come out really hard, you know?"

However, you won't find her sporting Jacobs' duds any time soon. "You can't really be dressed in Marc Jacobs' clothes when you're on tour," she explained. "They're too nice." Her solution? "I have my own label now," Arulpragasam said, "which is the only thing I've been wearing recently." The eponymous collection (M.I.A., that is), which is repped by London-based publicist Mandi Lennard, included tour bus-friendly items such as bomber jackets, leggings and T-shirts, all done up in the bold hues and graphic prints for which the singer is known. And, aside from reflective glory, buying an Arulpragasam-designed piece affords its owner a little extra sartorial security. Explained the fashionista: "With my stuff, because everything's really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, 'Oy! Give me my shirt back!'" Talk about bang for your buck.

I'm intruiged. I'm not going to lie, I'm tired of all these celebrity fashion labels... the only one I think I like is Pastelle-and that's not out yet, I'm just saying so cos I'm a 'Ye head. I want to see what this line will look like because M.I.A's style is pretty much different to any other celeb out there so it will be interesting to see how she does it. But I'm guessing it will pretty much be a hybrid of her style, Kesh's style with a bit of Cassette Playa thrown in.

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