Wednesday, 9 July 2008

i-D August 2008 issue

I think this is what you'd call the 'Italian Vogue effect' (or IV effect). Naomi Campbel has been springing up on magazine covers left right and center recently... and here's her latest one. Here, Naomi.. or 'the baddest' as I like to call her, is gracing the cover of i-D magazine with designer Stefano Pilati in all her a glossy chocolate glory (i'm straight.... don't she look edible? just me? okay then) an she's rocking some mean extensions.

It seems as though Stefano Pilati is trying to do some damage control after the comments he made not so long ago about black models and the fashion industry... let us refresh our memory for a hot second

"To me, it is a matter of proportions and the bodies I choose. My fit model was a black model," he says. "When I wanted to translate what I put on her, it was a disaster. It would need 13 times more work in the atelier to modify it to put on a more Caucasian anatomy. Sometimes, it's not your choice. You can't find [black models] that are beautiful and with the right proportions. I prefer them with lean proportions with no big hips. "

yeah so erm, there you go. This issue should be out now if not soon.

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