Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Chanel Homage Shoes

I haven't done a blog in a while, and I'm sorry. I just couldn't think of any thing to blog about. So whilst I was away and not blogging, I was shopping (yup, spending money when I know damn well pay day is a long way away). I stopped over at Primark for the first time in a couple of months and clapped eyes on these...

very Chanel huh?

Now buying from Primark is risky business. Not only is there a chance that whatever you buy will fall apart, but it is guaranteed that you will bump into at least 10 other people with the same thing.

I went ahead and bought the shoes anyways, and when I was done I popped into my lovely 'local' fabric store to buy some ribbon, dug out some old button I had in my drawer and decided to try out a few tricks my mum taught me.

I couldn't decide wether or not I wanted the bow on the side or on the front, but I soon remembered all the shoes I wore to school them always having something on the side (bows, buckles, initials etc...) and decided to go with the bow in the center.

you likey?



Blogger danDan said...

you're a lil bit tooooo sick...

i tried these on and it made my foot look like one everlasting boat...


10 September 2008 at 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you had a great idea :) I just bought these this morning because I find them so cute, not necessarily for the Chanel knock-off. Now I'm wondering about wearing them when I'm back to France because they take any form of counterfeit very seriously.

23 November 2008 at 15:07  

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