Sunday, 28 September 2008


"Ouch", is all I could say when I saw those skinny bitches models take a tumble at the Prada s/s 09 show. I actually felt it in my ankles when I saw the pics. Falling down in heels has got to be one of my worst fears. The pain and embarrasment combo factor would be too much.

I have quite a lot of heels, but they hardly ever see the light of day (or darkness of night for that matter) which to be honest is not a good thing as I am 5'2.5" and I need all the help I can get in the height department. Walking in heels is not a problem-one of the benefits of living in flats('flats' as in apartments/maisonettes... not ballet pumps) is that I get to "test-walk" them on the rough floor and run up 8 flights of stairs in order to get used to them. It's just that after a few hours the balls of my feet start to hurt, my pinky toes begins to feel like it's on fire and the tendon around my ankle starts to play up (I tore the tendon there a few years ago and it's never been the same).

I've made a vow to myself that I will wear heels more often-who cares about bunions and corns? I've even bought 5 pairs of heels in the last 2 months and disposed of the receipt just so that I don't back out and return them, but I haven't found that many appropriate moments to wear them. I work in retail part-time which means I stand up all day. I study pattern cutting which means I stand up all day. I travel in rush hour which means my slower walking pace will result in me being mown down by commuters on their way to work or me breaking something whilst trying to keep up. And I help out in Sunday school *adjusts halo* which means I'm usually running after little kids.

I am going to try not to give up though. I've been eyeing up a pair of Gucci copies homages in Primark recently. When I go back to uni I'll probably wear them to mid morning and late afternoon lectures. and if the pain gets too much I'll just kick em off during my lecturer's ramblings.

Apologies in advance to everyone else in my class that'll have to smell my cheesy feet-just playing my feet smell like peaches.

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