Monday, 15 September 2008

The Simmons Sisters

Watching some re-runs of season 1 of "Run's House", made me notice that Vanessa & Angela's style had come a long way. This past couple of months they have been popping up all over the place at events looking all cute and stuff, and I'm starting to see their own individual style shine through.

Just a few more hot looks like those ^^ and maybe I'll forgive them for this



Blogger Jill said...

i know same! i think thats why kim kardashian looks so great in it. great blog by the way!!

16 September 2008 at 03:05  
Blogger Ella said...

thank you

16 September 2008 at 20:31  
Blogger Yummie D said...

i love these ladiess they dress so cute!!

19 September 2008 at 23:31  

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