Sunday, 18 January 2009

Meagan Good: BodyCon Queen/Credit Crunch Chic

I was thinking about making Meagan Good my It Girl this month but I'm still undecided.You're probably thinking why? Well, I've considered Meagan purely because in 2008 everytime she was spotted out and about she was looking on point. However, each time she was papped, she was also seen to be doing her bit for the planet by recycling an item of clothing.

Now, there's nothing wrong with wearing the same thing twice, but I seriously think she has the smallest wardrobe ever as she's always wearing the same thing on the red carpet. That said, there is a recession and all but I'm not letting it affect my wardrobe and I'm a mere mortal so she has no excuse.

Anyways, back to why I wanted to pick her. I love that whole bodycon, 'schlurrrp' sucked into skin tight garments look. I've been channeling it for a while now with skinny jeans, one piece tanks, and spandex (I should probably start a 'what I wore today' segment) and seeing Meagan Good work it on the red carpets shows that you can take it through on a night out without looking casual.
I'm going to give her a couple of more months to collect more fashion stripes, then she might make an appearance for the It Girl section, but until then, here's how you can jack her style...

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