Sunday, 1 June 2008


I'm so sorry I haven't been updating. I've had so much work to do for uni as we're rapping up for the summer in a weeks time. I've also had to work (gotta get that money) and to top it off I've had a cold, so I was not in the right frame of mind to make a post. I promise, after all of this uni stuff is out of the way, I will start blogging properly again.

I've just watched the season finale of 'Lost'... Why do they always end it like that??? I actually enjoyed the episode this time, as usually, I only watch it to see if any of my questions are answered, and of course they're not. But this time round, even though my questions weren't answered apart from how the 6 got off of the island, I was sat infront of the telly with my mouth open (but that was because my nose is blocked and I can't breath any other way- I look like such a retard).

anywhoo, I'm off to bed now. I've gotta wake up early so I can snatch a sewing machine and workspace at uni-I need to get my dress done!

EDIT: Oh no they didn't! For the past several weeks, Trouble have been advertising 'Girlfriends' season 7 as the new series even though though they have shown it before, but rather than showing season 7 they took it back to season 1!!! I mean I love 'Girlfriends' and everything but there's only so many times I can watch that episode of them fighting outside the club with the 'bald headed bitch' whilst Joan looks on in despair. After I finish watching 'Lost', I change over to Trouble +1 only to find that they're now showing season 8!! and I missed episode 1 and the best part of episode 2. I'll have to set my Sky+ to record the repeats tomorrow.
Vent over.



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