Friday, 17 July 2009

Looks From the Book

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When I'm supposed to be doing something constructive with my time, I normally end up on a street style blog or a what are you wearing today-type site. Lookbook is one of the sites that I love as the photography is on point (that is me assuming that some of the users take the pictures themseves with a tripod). I've tried a number of times to capture what I am wearing on camera as I did say before that I wanted to include that feature on this site. However the photo's I take are horrendous so they always end up in the recycle bin.

The pictures above are of what took my fancy whilst I was scrolling through the site today-smart-girly casual and underwear all the elements I've been feeling for a while now, and clothing that has also been slowly creeping into my wardrobe.

To see more of their looks, search their name on the Lookbook site.


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