Sunday, 6 June 2010

Inspired By: The World Cup

With the World Cup kicking off in less than a weeks time, World Cup fever has actually hit me. It is more than likely that I will be watching it and as today is my lazy Sunday (minus going to church) I decided to throw together a few things that have that sports feel.

In hindsight, doing so was probably a bad idea as ever since I handed in my final project at uni, I have justified all my fashion splurges with the reason being that I deserve it. Which I do. It's just that I have no self control, so drawing the line is a bit tricky, and now this board has given me the urge to... spend a little more.

Already being the owner of similar chains, and the trainer boots, I've now got my eye on the lace up body, Fairground shorts, bag, longline tank and Asos jacket.

Speaking of purchases, here are a few things that I have bought recently:

[L-R] Asos wedges// heels both by New Look

I'm a sucker for detail and I only bought the black heels because I like the hiker boot detail underneath (Sorry, I wore them before I took the picture). When the novelty wears off I'll probably sell them.

This bag is much bigger, and nicer in real life. Plus it only cost me a fiver. I couldn't get it to stand up so I had hold it up whilst taking the picture (I forgot to add that it's also very heavy, but it has wheels underneath so you can drag it) around)... so it kind of looks different.

I was going to up pictures of the clothes as well, but I think that will only remind me of just how much I've spent.. and how much of it I haven't worn. I will be starting a ShopStruttMode blog soon where I will be selling some of my much loved but rarely worn clothes as well as things I've made.

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Blogger My Republic of Fashion said...

I really like the strappy wedges you bought and the high cut shorts from fairground. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but I am looking forward to seeing all the fashion during the World Cup.SarahD

6 June 2010 at 20:11  

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