Monday, 11 May 2009

Will Work For Free

Saturday night was the British Soap Awards, which means exposing your eyes to the red carpet outfits is done at your own risk. I really don't understand why only a handfull of the actresses get it right, It's almost as if they go all out to look disgusting.

But wait... It get's worse...

Here are the not so bad ones

I'm not going to slag anyone off personally because I'm sure/hope they were told that their outfits we're hot and fashion forward by some so called fashion industry person. All I am going to say is that if any soapstar needs someone to style them for any forthcoming events, I will do it. And I will work for free! Trust me-I can do things to highstreet items that will leave even the mighty Gok Wan (google him if you must) speechless.

{source:dailymail and marie claire}

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