Friday, 19 June 2009

I told you guys I'd post pics of the I Am... tour, so here they are...

I love that last picture where I've captured them mid-air.I definately want to go again.
The quality is really bad but that's down to me being rubbish at taking photographs and the rubbish camera I have. She also brought out George Michael for 'If I Were a Boy' as you can see which was great as it means I got to see two artists for the price of one.
I was seriously considering not posting the pictures because in all honesty pictures do it no justice-but I said I would so there you go.

Also, I'm not sure if I posted this so I'm going to post this again. If it's a re-post I apologise but Big Brother 10 is on so I'm not searching for it-I want to see if Noirin's going to cuss out Sree (If there are any BB10 followers here let me know-re-assure me that I am not a loser for watching the show). Anyways, I made a crest/emblem/logo earlier this year and then a few months ago I printed it on to an oversized tank top. I got my mum to take pictures of me wearing it because it looks way better on a person than it does on a mannequin but all her pics were shakey (funny, seeing as my camera is supposed to have anti shake), So I took it on the mannequin to show you guys:
I'm sure I've posted this before`but meh!

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