Monday, 20 July 2009

Pump Up the Volume

I have a slight obsession with hair, that I believe stems from the traumatic experiences I had growing up that came in the form of hair cuts, hair breakage, ugly do's etc... I love big, shiny, voluminous hair and if I weren't so scared of wearing long weaves, I would be sewing in 24" of hair a la Naomi Campbell in a heartbeat.

I was dossing* about on youtube a while ago, and came across a user-Ashley Victoria that has several dope videos on how to achieve certain looks. I particularly like them as she has done looks inspired by some of my hair inspirations (Beyonce & Kim Kardashian to name 2). Yes, I have hair inspirations, and before you laugh at me I'm sure you do to. They may not even be celeb's but you may have seen a chick out on road with a hairstyle that has inspired you to do something about your barnet.

* dossing about is UK slang wasting time/not doing anything constructive.

She makes the looks seem so easy to recreate which I love.

I saw this picture whilst googling Mariah and kinda cracked me up. This picture is old I know but with everyone (Alice Dellal, Cassie, Lala, Rihanna) going for the half baldie, I thought it was fitting for this picture to resurface

Photoshop's a bitch.

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