Friday, 6 November 2009

High Street - Designer Collaborations

So the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection launches on the 14th (that's a Saturday which I think is bananas. There will be blood) and I haven't really spoken much about it(if at all) because I really wasn't sure how I felt about the collection.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not crazy about the Choos-I'm waiting/praying/hoping/wishing on a Christian Louboutin for H&M collabo (if that will ever happen), and after seeing the collection I'm still not really that excited which I think is partially down to the fact that none of the heels are chunky (I can't balance. At all)I work in a Hennes store, so I'll be keeping an eye out for any returns. And Yes, there are always returns from trigger happy shoppers that pick up stuff in the wrong size or stuff that they didn't really want to begin with. Here are just a few things I liked from the collection:

(^That is actually mens, but I think it looks hot!)
My dream collabo's would be Christian Louboutin/Alexander Wang/Chanel/Rick Owens for H&M collection, or even better, for Primark. Do you know how epic that would be and how much blood would be shed if that ever happened?

So guys, I want to know which designer/highstreet collaborations you would like to see?


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