Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Clothes Show London

I couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to dress backstage at Clothes Show London. Fun times! Although there was a lot of waiting around, sharing air with TV personalities was all the compensation I needed. I even got to meet George Lamb (who is ridiculously tall, and just as hot in real life).

I should have done this post ages ago, but there were so many photos to sort through that I kinda gave up. I then planned to do it this weekend, but I then spent it weeping in the corner of my room because I couldn't go to Wireless (that's a lie-but I was a bit peed off that I had to miss it). So I'm posting the pictures now before it becomes irrelevat (some may say it already is...)
Shoe Porn!!

I was dressing model Vita Rubina who werrrked it

A fraction of the people who worked on the show

These are just 16 images out of 230+ and clearly I'm no Mario Testino but there you go. I never got to see the show properly-only the rehearsals, , but I've managed to see a couple of clips on youtube and it looks so calm and organised on stage. If you saw how manic it got backstage at times...

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Blogger chloe said...

what an amazing opportunity! the photos are great, they really gve that backstage vibe :)
what did you wear though? im always interested in what stylists are rocking

13 August 2010 at 13:44  

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